Bethany & Dan Photography   |   Photographers based in Portland, Maine

Bethany & Dan Photography   |   Photographers based in Portland, Maine

These two…. We are so EXCITED to be working with them on their sure-to-be-incredible wedding at the Fairmont Copley Hotel next year! Just imagine how amazing that is going to be looking at the connection the two of them have together. We are already counting down the days!

For their engagement session, we met them AND their dog “Beans” at their home in Southie. We headed out to a nearby park where we watched beans run around all over the place, like the mayor of the park. It was hilarious. Between Bean runs, we took some photos of the two of them in a place they go almost every day. I love how personal that is. Now every time they see these photos they can be reminded not only of this experience, but that this is truly a part of their normal life, where love really lives (normal life).  Im ALLLLLLLL about that. Next, we moved to Castle Island. Dan and I have wanted to photograph a couple there for a really long time so were were so happy when they suggested it! WIN! The sky was unreal and we were able to get some epic sky shots that we can’t get enough of. All in all… it was an awesome way to spend an evening. O yeah… then we went out for dinner with the two of them afterwards because why not? Clients=Friends.Sarah and David Engagement 0002Sarah and David Engagement 0006Sarah and David Engagement 0016Sarah and David Engagement 0035Sarah and David Engagement 0018Sarah and David Engagement 0050Sarah and David Engagement 0040Sarah and David Engagement 0075Sarah and David Engagement 0078Sarah and David Engagement 0086Sarah and David Engagement 0110Sarah and David Engagement 0134Sarah and David Engagement 0139Sarah and David Engagement 0117

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Katie and Luke and their sweet Corgi Penny are moving away from Portland to a town nearby to be closer to both of their jobs. It is bittersweet for them which we completely understand. Thankfully we were able to have their engagement session in their neighborhood before they moved! The day was rainy leading up to the last hour before we were going to begin. It was funny that when the rain finally stopped the weather was absolutely unbelievable. We ALL raved about how glad we were that we didn’t postpone it since the skies were dramatic and the temperature was heavenly. This time of year in Maine is second to none and I am so glad that we got to spend some time out in the gorgeousness. Dan and I have a special place in our hearts for Munjoy Hill too since it’s where we lived when we moved here in 2008. Its where we fell in love with Maine.

I love when we photograph a couple that can’t stop kissing. Every time we said “Give her a kiss” Luke JUMPED at the opportunity. “You mean like we always do? I don’t want to stop.” I mean… what more could you ask for? A few of the spots we went included where they walk Penny every day, the spot they got engaged, as well as their rooftop deck. I would say it was an excellent choice of locations according to my “choose places that mean something to you” philosophy. We had so much fun with these two. Im not kidding about that dinner out together soon guys. Ok?

Luke and Katie Engagement 0016Luke and Katie Engagement 0006Luke and Katie Engagement 0008Luke and Katie Engagement 0034Luke and Katie Engagement 0037Luke and Katie Engagement 0041Luke and Katie Engagement 0048Luke and Katie Engagement 0056Luke and Katie Engagement 0074Luke and Katie Engagement 0080Luke and Katie Engagement 0097Luke and Katie Engagement 0101Luke and Katie Engagement 0115Luke and Katie Engagement 0118Luke and Katie Engagement 0120Luke and Katie Engagement 0134Luke and Katie Engagement 0156Luke and Katie Engagement 0153
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Man o man was this a fun evening! We met Marie and Mike at their home in Southie to begin the engagement session. She bounded down the stairs in a cobalt blue dress and I already knew I liked her. The energy between the two of them is easy to work with. One thing I really loved about Mike was a little subtle but I highly appreciated it. Like most men we work with, he really wasn’t SUPER excited about “frolicking” around town and being photographed. It’s one of those things that we totally get and work hard to make easier for them. While Mike was not super stoked about it, he was all in for Marie the whole time. There wasn’t a moment of grumpiness or aggravation, just him trusting us and doing this out of true love for Marie. I swear it made me love him too. Ha!

We just walked around on a lovely street near their home and then made our way to a local park that we have actually been dying to photograph in. It has a super sweet monument and a ridiculously good view of the city. After that, we made our way to the Seaport and took in yet another of my favorite Boston views. One of my favorite moments was when I asked them to dance. Instead of your typical middle school style rock-back-and-forth move, they started breaking it down like it was a party. I died laughing and now expect all our couples to bust moves similar to that. Ok? Thanks.
Marie and Mike Boston Engagement 0012
Marie and Mike Boston Engagement 0027
Marie and Mike Boston Engagement 0038
Marie and Mike Boston Engagement 0047
Marie and Mike Boston Engagement 0065
Marie and Mike Boston Engagement 0068
Marie and Mike Boston Engagement 0079
Marie and Mike Boston Engagement 0094
Marie and Mike Boston Engagement 0105
Marie and Mike Boston Engagement 0113
Marie and Mike Boston Engagement 0136
Marie and Mike Boston Engagement 0139
Marie and Mike Boston Engagement 0145
Marie and Mike Boston Engagement 0155
Marie and Mike Boston Engagement 0159

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Meredith is one of my friends from Boston and when her boyfriend proposed I waited with baited breath for her to ask me for some photos. YES YES YES!!! It’s funny that when you are in a bible study/book study with someone for less that 12 weeks, you really can become close. I feel like Meredith knows more about me than most of the people I have known all of my life. I likewise know a ton about this spunky smart woman and it just made the session and the engagement that much more meaningful to me! When we moved from Boston, leaving that group of women tore me up (like I cried for almost the whole last meeting). I LOVE YOU MEREDITH! We actually covered a lot of ground for this session, starting at the Boston Public Library and then walking over to the Boston Public Garden. At the end of the night we lucked out with a ridiculous sunset on the Mass Ave bridge. THEN to top it all off, we put the cameras away for the night and walked to the South End and ate at one of my top favorite Boston pizza places. I mean… what could be better? These two are getting hitched in Kentucky next year and we could not be more happy for them.
Meredith and Ben 0009

Meredith and Ben 0015
Meredith and Ben 0017
Meredith and Ben 0035
Meredith and Ben 0025
Meredith and Ben 0042
Meredith and Ben 0053

Meredith and Ben 0059
Meredith and Ben 0065
Meredith and Ben 0082
Meredith and Ben 0068
Meredith and Ben 0092
Meredith and Ben 0101

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Meghan and Devin met us at the restaurant that he proposed to her in! We adore when couples incorporate their love story into the engagement session. We hung out inside for a while and then made our way out into the gorgeous light! We just walked from Toro in the South End to at least 3 little parks nearby. Then we made our way to the Christian Science Plaza, one of my favorite spots in the city. I felt like the entire way there were amazing little spots to take photos, and at each new spot the light was delicious. Devin and Meghan were super easy to photograph because they just snuggled and kissed and laughed for two hours! Afterwards they even went on a date to the Top of the Hub, another one of my favorite Boston spots! It was a great way to spend the evening, getting to know these two and walking around one of the greatest cities in the world.

One of the most memorable parts of the day was me jumping into the water fountain for a crazy water angle and getting completely hit by one of the water upshoots! Anything for the shot right?

Meghan and Devin Engagement 0011Meghan and Devin Engagement 0014Meghan and Devin Engagement 0042Meghan and Devin Engagement 0046Meghan and Devin Engagement 0062Meghan and Devin Engagement 0065Meghan and Devin Engagement 0078Meghan and Devin Engagement 0094Meghan and Devin Engagement 0101Meghan and Devin Engagement 0108Meghan and Devin Engagement 0110Meghan and Devin Engagement 0117Meghan and Devin Engagement 0127Meghan and Devin Engagement 0129Meghan and Devin Engagement 0138Meghan and Devin Engagement 0141Meghan and Devin Engagement 0154Meghan and Devin Engagement 0165Meghan and Devin Engagement 0172
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