Bethany & Dan Photography   |   Photographers based in Portland, Maine

Bethany & Dan Photography   |   Photographers based in Portland, Maine

Yesterday we celebrated Hattie’s 4th Birthday. It was adorable.

First we took her for a walk around the back cove. Then we stopped in Planet dog and picked up a teensy tiny cupcake cookie. Next stop was whole foods for a real cupcake (not chocolate of course) and a fun toy for her. We came home and took photos of her cuteness. All in all, a great day for the little H.

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Its October!!! That’s awesome. I am so excited about fall and all that goes with it. I dont care how #basic that is.

Last month was nuts, if you’re asking me to sum it up in a nutshell. (haha) We were out of town 3 of the 4 weeks of September. We spend 2 weeks at our trailer by the sea in NC and then we spent a week in San Diego. We traveled so much that being home was a luxury that we relished in. Isn’t is funny how that flip flops. I guess you always want what you dont have in the moment. I say we should flip flop THAT!

A few details of the past month and what we are looking forward to this month:

  • This month we are photographing 5 weddings and its going to be cray-cray.
  • Dan and I both got fitbit’s and are looking forward to seeing how we can beat the calories in vs calories out. Can I tell you how lame it is to spend the day at the computer and realize how few steps you took that day. Not cool. Here’s to a 2 month jump on all the “lose weight” New Year’s Resolutions.
  • Im feeling like our blog has been full of only pictures and not full of my heart. Im a little torn between revving up my personal blog again and just blogging here. What do you guys think? Should this all just be wedding photography related and put more personal posts elsewhere?? So torn.
  • San Diego rules. Put it on your “to-visit” list. I was a huge fan. We were there to photograph an event where Jewel was performing. My eighth grade self was freaking out a little bit.
  • I turn 31 in 31 days.
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Late to the party!!!

We try to get these posts up the first of the month but this month we are 16 days behind!! I would say thats doe to all the weddings and traveling we are doing this month and it’s not slowing down at all! We just got back from two weeks away and are juggling work and life and trying to do everything justice. It’s this time of year when wedding photographers kind of go a little crazy with travel and shooting and trying to keep their heads above water. We are no different! It’s fun but it’s also something you have to take one day at a time.

Our August was busy and fun. Here are the highlights:

  • We had ONE saturday off and got to go to LL Bean’s summer concert series and see our friends North Of Nashville perform.
  • I died my hair REALLY red!
  • We traded in the Subaru for a Prius C. Amazing gas mileage for the WIN!
  • Dans Brother Sam visited. My Nana visited.
  • Hattie had a double ear infection.
  • On the 31st we headed down to NC for two weeks in the OBX!
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Martelle Birth

Portland Maine

Ive been trying to figure out exactly what to say about photographing my friend’s Rachel and Andrew’s son Samuel’s birth. It was the kind of experience that you need to digest and sit with for a little while to wrap your mind around it. Honestly, nearly 2 months later, I still don’t know what to say. Here is the best I’ve got:

At 4:00am, while sleeping after driving back from Boston having photographed Marie and Mike’s engagement session, I got a phone call from Andrew. “It’s time,” he said with a lot of joy in his voice. Groggy but with a racing heartbeat, I jumped out of bed and started getting ready. Dan helped me pack a camera bag, thankfully since I was kind of acting like a lunatic. I drove to the hospital and walked in a room with two VERY calm human beings, and two rightfully calm nurses. In the span of 1 hour from the time I arrived, little baby Samuel was born. Rachel is a true birthing rockstar, blowing my mind with how calm, collected and poised she was the entire time.

Obviously I can’t speak for Rachel or Andrew about the experience, nor do I want to divulge the whole story of this very private event here on this very public blog. What I CAN do is tell you the impact it made on me. This was the first birth I have ever witnessed. Although I was super nervous and it pained me to see my friend in pain, it was so so SO beautiful. Bear with me here but dare I say this was also so ROMANTIC! Watching Andrew worry about Rachel and tend to her was something I knew happened at births but I just had never realized how romantic a birth experience can be. Additionally, I got to witness my friend Rachel go through the process of becoming a lioness roaring through pain and being so powerful! Who EVER says women are weak can just bite me. Rachel amazed me. I was in awe. I was crying my eyes out. She really was glowing, like they say. I never really believed that but she really was. I know this may sound crazy but if you know me you wont think it is… God was in the room. I could feel his presence. I could see his artistry. He was more real to me in that room that morning, than most other times in my life.

I am so grateful they had me with them and that I could take these photographs for them to remember what it was like when Samuel entered this world, with his parents, the nurses and midwife, me, and God in the room. Thank you to Rachel and Andrew for letting me share these images.


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Way way back in 2008 I decided that one thing on my bucket list was to ride in a lobster boat. It may seems small but I REALLY wanted to but we didnt know anyone who would take us for a ride on one. Once we started photography, my dream evolved into wanting to photograph the lobstering process on a boat. Im kind of a stickler for authenticity so I needed it to be a scenario where we were welcomed onto the boat with a lobsterman (or woman) who didn’t mind us being there photographing. It was kind of a tall order.

Enter Abbi and Javi in 2012. We photographed their Camp Wohelo wedding. Abbie’s dad is a lobster fisherman! I mentioned wanting to do this with them but never really expected it to happen since its kind of logistically challenging since Abbie and Javi live in Miami. Then… they called us for some maternity photos. They thought it would be a perfect time for the lobster boat event AND some maternity photos and!!!

We will share Abbie’s photos next on the blog but here are a few from our time with them on the boat!

O and by the way, they didnt just let us photograph them… we put on the Grundens ourselves and got to get our hands dirty!! It was more than a dream come true.
Lobstering July 25 2014 0112
Lobstering July 25 2014 0033
Lobstering July 25 2014 0083
Lobstering July 25 2014 0063
Lobstering July 25 2014 0036
Lobstering July 25 2014 0021
Lobstering July 25 2014 0098
Lobstering July 25 2014 0095


This one was taken by Evelyn, (Abbie

This one was taken by Evelyn, (Abbie’s mom). We love it!

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