Bethany & Dan Photography   |   Photographers based in Portland, Maine

Bethany & Dan Photography   |   Photographers based in Portland, Maine

Guests at a wedding we photographed last summer, Karen and Roshan and Dan and I go way back! Ok that may be an exaggeration, but it was fun to look back through Mara and Will’s wedding photos and see these two, crazy in love then, and crazy in love now. Back at the very beginning of this season, we met them in Newport Rhode Island for their epic engagement session. After photographing them that second time, we felt like we were definitely prepped and wedding for their wedding day: Cape Cod Meets India, (as they describe it). Well, when I came into the room where Karen was preparing… I was taken aback by her beauty. I swear it was good I had an hour to soak it in before we went to their first look because if I didn’t have that time, I may have been making the same face Roshan made.

The Baraat had me crying tears of joy because it was so stinkin’ FUN! Dancing all the way to the ceremony should be done at all weddings. For sure. The ceremony itself was very rememberable and meaningful to me to witness. This is our first indian wedding to have the honor of photographing. We were able to learn about many of the meanings and symbols that were included in the ceremony and! My favorite part was when Karen and Roshan switch seats, signifying the fact that they are now a part of each others family, sitting closer to their new parents. YES! I love the focus on joining families that is emphasized in the day.

O yeah… then they changed into new outfits and began a dance party that has me seriously considering signing up for Bhangra dance lessons.

Karen and Roshan Wedding 0001Karen and Roshan Wedding 0041Karen and Roshan Wedding 0090Karen and Roshan Wedding 0045Karen and Roshan Wedding 0067Karen and Roshan Wedding 0120Karen and Roshan Wedding 0141Karen and Roshan Wedding 0144Karen and Roshan Wedding 0152Karen and Roshan Wedding 0174Karen and Roshan Wedding 0154Karen and Roshan Wedding 0181Karen and Roshan Wedding 0227Karen and Roshan Wedding 0249Karen and Roshan Wedding 0266Karen and Roshan Wedding 0281Karen and Roshan Wedding 0279Karen and Roshan Wedding 0415Karen and Roshan Wedding 0439Karen and Roshan Wedding 0466Karen and Roshan Wedding 0480Karen and Roshan Wedding 0481Karen and Roshan Wedding 0609Karen and Roshan Wedding 0555Karen and Roshan Wedding 0619Karen and Roshan Wedding 0637Karen and Roshan Wedding 0798Karen and Roshan Wedding 0845Karen and Roshan Wedding 0910Karen and Roshan Wedding 1000Karen and Roshan Wedding 1012Karen and Roshan Wedding 1045Karen and Roshan Wedding 1052

Venue: Wychmere Beach Club  |  Florist: All About Flowers  |  Cake: The Casual Gourmet

Hair and Makeup: Artworx  |  DJ: Dhoom Events

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We headed down to the sunny south for this wedding. It took place in Virginia, near Richmond. Ginny actually worked with Dan back when he was a kayak guide on the Outer Banks of NC in 2007. Right when she become engaged she emailed and said “Um, I’ve been Facebook stalking your kayaking trips and wedding photographer careers for a while.” Now it was time for her and her fiance to be in some of those photos!! Ginny is a scientists who spends months on ships in the poles studying sea ice. Yes… you read that right. Ryan just passed the California BAR exam so they are headed in good directions career-wise!

One of the most notable and wonderful parts of their sweet wedding day, was that Ginny wore her mothers wedding dress. The had it altered in a few areas but it really was very similar to the original dress. I loved seeing how she interpreted the look. The wedding was simple, sweet, and full of…. DINOSAURS! They used dinosaurs for lots of the decor, paying homage to her scientific outlook on life. The letter Ryan wrote her prior to the ceremony was even in a recycled envelope. You gotta love that.

Ginny and Ryan 0014Ginny and Ryan 0049Ginny and Ryan 0110Ginny and Ryan 0104Ginny and Ryan 0121Ginny and Ryan 0003Ginny and Ryan 0135Ginny and Ryan 0149Ginny and Ryan 0157Ginny and Ryan 0217Ginny and Ryan 0262Ginny and Ryan 0264Ginny and Ryan 0269Ginny and Ryan 0282Ginny and Ryan 0291Ginny and Ryan 0347Ginny and Ryan 0379Ginny and Ryan 0483Ginny and Ryan 0501Ginny and Ryan 0575Ginny and Ryan 0711Ginny and Ryan 0732

Venue: The Highlands Country Cub  |  Florist: Designs by Janice  |  Cake: Pearls Cupcake Shoppe

Hair and Makeup: Faces by Joy  |  DJ: Sound Enforcement  |  Gown: Julie Ireland Dressmaking 

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It had been over a year since we had seen these two at their Ogunquit Maine engagement session. They live in Colorado and planned this wedding as a destination for family, friends, and honored guests. It was a vintage camp theme, held at not one, but two camps: Camp Eastwood and Camp Manitou. In my humble opinion, they nailed the theme, complete with lanterns instead of bouquets and groomsmen pocket watches! The girls got ready in the camp dance studio and the guys in a cabin nearby. When they had their first look in the soccer field, Rhett was tearing up even before he was his beautiful bride. It was so sweet to witness.

For the ceremony, the guys rode a boat across the lake to the other camp, arriving to the “Flight of the Valkyries,” a very nice touch. Kristen walked down the aisle to the same song I did in my wedding, “Come thou Fount of Every Blessing,” so I was crying along with everyone else. Sounds hard to top eh? Well they topped it when they walked back down the aisle to a shower of Marshmallows (!) in place of flower petals. I told you they nailed the camp theme! The reception was held in the dining hall of the camp, with BBQ catered and an ice cream truck serving up homemade ice cream instead of the traditional cake. One of my personal favorite part of the evening was when a group of family and friends gathered around the couple (who met in Chorus by the way), and sang a song to them. It was an adorable wedding that we loved being a part of!

Kristen and Rhett Wedding 0139Kristen and Rhett Wedding 0140Kristen and Rhett Wedding 0006Kristen and Rhett Wedding 0011Kristen and Rhett Wedding 0028Kristen and Rhett Wedding 0170Kristen and Rhett Wedding 0188Kristen and Rhett Wedding 0204Kristen and Rhett Wedding 0220Kristen and Rhett Wedding 0245Kristen and Rhett Wedding 0299Kristen and Rhett Wedding 0357Kristen and Rhett Wedding 0416Kristen and Rhett Wedding 0447Kristen and Rhett Wedding 0476Kristen and Rhett Wedding 0573Kristen and Rhett Wedding 0579Kristen and Rhett Wedding 0622Kristen and Rhett Wedding 0633Kristen and Rhett Wedding 0688Kristen and Rhett Wedding 0659Kristen and Rhett Wedding 0718Kristen and Rhett Wedding 0737Kristen and Rhett Wedding 0752Kristen and Rhett Wedding 0917Kristen and Rhett Wedding 0921

Venue: Camp Eastwood  |  Florist: Flo’s Flower Cart

Catering: Famous Dave’s  |  Desert: Stone Fox Farm Creamery

Gown: Madeleines Daughter   |   Veil: Sara Gabriel

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I don’t really know what to say. Im going to try though.

We adore these two human beings. I swear from the moment they walked into the Waban Starbucks to meet with us we loved them. After spending an evening with them for their engagement session we were counting down the days till the wedding day, right along with them. We were SO excited to be their wedding photographers and we were absolutely not wrong in our anticipation of the wedding’s fabulousness. It was incredible. Besides all the gorgeous details, fabulous location, stunning bridal party, classy everything(!), this wedding was 100% focused and the right thing: L-O-V-E! Kelsey and Char are crazy about each other. It is infectious and every single person at this wedding was SO happy they were getting married. It was a palpable the whole time we were there.

A few of my favorite moments of the day:

  • The first look complete with private tear jerking vows.
  • The way Chad looked at Kelsey all. day. long.
  • Kelsey’s sister’s toast… if there is a perfect sister version of a toast, it was this one. There was not a dry eye in the tent. I wish I could bottle that love up and take it around with me everywhere.
  • During the sunset photos were were out on the beach right in front of the tent. I think every person at the wedding made their way to the edge of the tent and watched. It was so cute! We would turn around and look between shots and everyone would wave!
  • Their friend Brendan took a table cloth off one of the tables and made it into a jump rope during the reception. ’nuff said.
Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0085Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0035Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0060Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0129Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0039Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0068Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0157Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0166Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0172Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0198Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0216Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0210Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0250Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0254Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0308Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0315Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0384Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0466Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0554Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0566Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0606Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0619Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0378Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0799Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0807Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0853Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0892Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0908Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0923Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0927Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0955
Kelsey and Chad Wedding 0946Kelsey and Chad Wedding 1078Kelsey and Chad Wedding 1081Kelsey and Chad Wedding 1116Kelsey and Chad Wedding 1121Kelsey and Chad Wedding 1193Kelsey and Chad Wedding 1269Kelsey and Chad Wedding 1286Kelsey and Chad Wedding 1330Kelsey and Chad Wedding 1360Kelsey and Chad Wedding 1384Kelsey and Chad Wedding 1394Kelsey and Chad Wedding 1198Kelsey and Chad Wedding 1238Kelsey and Chad Wedding 1180

Reception: Breakwater Inn  |  Coordinator: Azalea Events

Cake: Let Them Eat Cake  |  Hair: Fringe Hair Art   |  Makeup: Laurel Makeup

DJ: Maine Platinum DJ  |  Videography: Ready Set Film  |  Gown: Cristinas Bridal

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Liz and Chip held their wedding at Liz’s Grandparents lake house in Orland Maine, coincidentally right across the lake from where Kate and Emily had their wedding this past July. It is an amazing property complete with the most epic blueberry field, just right for taking photos of this lovely couple and their friends. I could not, and have not, gotten over Liz’s incredibly styling. Please take note of her dress and jewelry. It was timeless, classy, and SO MUCH FUN to photograph. Her mother is a photographer so Liz was completely comfortable in front of the camera too, which made things pretty simple when it came to portraits. We were definitely not complaining.

The ceremony was held in a 200 year old church and the guests were shuttled from the ceremony to the reception via yellow school busses. They had the cocktail hour in the backyard with their family pets roaming around and mingling with the guests. After the cocktail hour everyone moved further into the woods to a tented reception where the champagne and dancing both flowed without end. It was a blast.

Liz and Chip 0237
Liz and Chip 0254
Liz and Chip 0017
Liz and Chip 0006
Liz and Chip 0144
Liz and Chip 0151
Liz and Chip 0171
Liz and Chip 0193
Liz and Chip 0239
Liz and Chip 0272
Liz and Chip 0276
Liz and Chip 0348
Liz and Chip 0324
Liz and Chip 0381
Liz and Chip 0345
Liz and Chip 0398
Liz and Chip 0436
Liz and Chip 0460
Liz and Chip 0450
Liz and Chip 0492
Liz and Chip 0468
Liz and Chip 0546
Liz and Chip 0560
Liz and Chip 0568
Liz and Chip 0582
Liz and Chip 0671
Liz and Chip 0681
Liz and Chip 0685
Liz and Chip 0833
Liz and Chip 0835Liz and Chip 0743
Liz and Chip 0953
Liz and Chip 0800
Liz and Chip 1010

Catering: MarKel’s Bakehouse  |  Flowers: Verona Island Flower Company

Hair and Makeup: The L Factor  |  Band: The Waiters


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