Ankur and Bhuja’s Portland Head Light Engagement Session

Ankur brought his girlfriend Bhuja all the way up here to Maine from their home in NYC. He wanted to propose to her in a beautiful place with a fantastic view, and we will take that as a compliment. I mean… In my opinion NYC has that too! We stayed way back and let him pop the question on a rocky outcropping. Of course, she said “yes”! Afterwards she was also surprised to learn WE were there and it was all caught on camera! We promptly began an engagement session in one of the most iconic places in Maine: Fort Williams Park and the Portland Head Light. What could be better? The best part of the session was when we turned on Pharrell William’s “Happy”  and they danced along while we took photos. It was pure Happy!

Ankur and Bhuja Engagement 0018 Ankur and Bhuja Engagement 0025Ankur and Bhuja Engagement 0033 Ankur and Bhuja Engagement 0052 Ankur and Bhuja Engagement 0054Ankur and Bhuja Engagement 0058 Ankur and Bhuja Engagement 0081 Ankur and Bhuja Engagement 0063Ankur and Bhuja Engagement 0083Ankur and Bhuja Engagement 0089 Ankur and Bhuja Engagement 0127 Ankur and Bhuja Engagement 0118 Ankur and Bhuja Engagement 0106Ankur and Bhuja Engagement 0131

Brittany and Jim’s Sunday River Resort Maine Wedding

“Sweet.” That’s the word that always came to mind when I thought about Brittany and Jim… and their wedding lived up to that. It was so stinkin’ sweet. We love the way these two love one another and their wedding day simple showcased that. Isn’t that what a wedding is supposed to do? Another part of the day that we loved seeing was the sweet relationship between Brittany and her Dad. It swear it made me cry while I was editing. Again… super sweet.

This Saturday was notable in the Maine Wedding Photography world because the weather was tough all across the state. It was not only rainy, but it was windy. Brittany and Jim held their wedding at the top of the mountain at Sunday River so we spent most of the day inside a cloud! It was uncommon but I have to say, it looked pretty cool! The best part was how brave the two of them were to go outside with us and take photos IN the cloud. I loved it. They even had their sparkler exit, in spite of the rain! See guys, you can still have a rad wedding in the rain. It’s all about attitude.

Brittany and Jim Wedding 0066Brittany and Jim Wedding 0042 Brittany and Jim Wedding 0134 Brittany and Jim Wedding 0266
Brittany and Jim Wedding 0280 Brittany and Jim Wedding 0303 Brittany and Jim Wedding 0370Brittany and Jim Wedding 0333 Brittany and Jim Wedding 0442 Brittany and Jim Wedding 0459 Brittany and Jim Wedding 0477Brittany and Jim Wedding 0538 Brittany and Jim Wedding 0542 Brittany and Jim Wedding 0568 Brittany and Jim Wedding 0751 Brittany and Jim Wedding 0771Brittany and Jim Wedding 0754 Brittany and Jim Wedding 1036

Venue: Sunday River Resort  |  Florist:  Pooh Corner Farm  |  Cake: White Mountain Cupcakery

Hair: Island Indulgence Spa  |  Gown: Allure Bridals  |  DJ: Double Platinum DJ

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Danielle and Josh’s Portland Maine Engagement Session

Danielle and Josh are one of our 2015 wedding couples and are getting married in Bar Harbor! I can already taste the popovers and jam at Jordan Pond, which we will most definitely be hitting up when we make the trek up to Acadia. If you have never been, put it at the top of your bucket list. We met these two at the Gisland Farm location of the Maine Audubon, a place they picked out. It was a colorful fall day and the weather was what people LIVE for up here! We just walked around and took photos in all the beautiful light Dan and I were seeing… everywhere! The two of us had never been to this spot so it was fun to be able to go and photograph there. Afterwards, we went to East End Beach here in Portland, where we got to hang out and photograph their fur-baby: Sophie! It was really fun to try and make a different session out of this photographically speaking, since we had been to East End Beach only a few days prior with Katie and Luke. The light rewarded us yet again and we got to put these two in front of a GORGEOUS pink and purple sky. I loved how much Josh loved his fiance AND his puggle and just look at how well they were styled! I loved her Camel coat. It was a couple hours filled with a smitten couple.

Danielle and Josh Engagement 0014 Danielle and Josh Engagement 0050 Danielle and Josh Engagement 0040 Danielle and Josh Engagement 0021Danielle and Josh Engagement 0089 Danielle and Josh Engagement 0098Danielle and Josh Engagement 0119 Danielle and Josh Engagement 0112Danielle and Josh Engagement 0127 Danielle and Josh Engagement 0154 Danielle and Josh Engagement 0152 Danielle and Josh Engagement 0148 Danielle and Josh Engagement 0141

Venues:  Gisland Farm and East End Beach

Life Lately List: November 10, 2014

October is the busiest month for most wedding photographers, including us. Last year we were MOVING so it was insanity. This year was much easier for us thankfully. What’s crazy is that shooting 5 weddings lots of engagement sessions, maternity sessions, and traveling to Massachusetts twice, way up north in Maine and Vermont is easier! It is what it is right? The weather was perfect and we were basically having a blast.

Here’s a quick run-down:

  • Dan’s oldest brother, William, and his wife Jamie, had their third child. SHE is our first Niece and we are already smitten. 100%
  • Hattie, and both of our Nephews: Charlie and Ian, had birthdays.
  • While in Vermont we visited a couple of Breweries and also took one of my fave photos of us via the selfie method. Its the one on the bottom right of this photo montage.
  • We spent most of our other time this past month working in the office. It is what it is right?
  • We are done with Weddings for the year, shooting our last 2014 wedding on November 1. That means we just need to edit the last remaining 5 weddings, and we can refocus our time into improving and moving our business forward! (Its one of my favorites things to do as a business owner and its almost time!

2014-10-05 16.11.06-110

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